Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki, Poland

Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki (Poleski Art Centre) is an institution running interdisciplinary activities addressed mainly to the adult recipient. The main tasks of the Centre are recognition and development of educational-cultural interests, forming models and needs of active participation in culture and activities integrating local society through hobby, social or interest clubs, courses, etc. We have been working for 25 years in the present location organizing exhibitions (e.g. International Open Air of Wickers Forms and Land Art), concerts, film shows, theatre and literary events. Poleski Art Centre is high-experienced institution in the field of activities for people at risk of exclusion. Since 1995 we have been organizing the International Biennale Theatrical Meetings "Therapy and Theatre". Since its first edition, the Theatrical Meetings have been dedicated to theatrical work of disabled people, popularizing the idea of therapy, education and integration through theatre, acting of the disabled, and finally, the discussion on the sense of community in theatre, as well as the needs and chances of participation of the ‘excluded’ from today’s culture. We have never intended for the festival to be held in a form of a competition, hence you may see professional, theatrical groups performing alongside amateur, disabled artists, both children and adults, or integration groups on stage.