Nalagaat, Israel

For over a decade, the Nalaga'at ("Please Touch" in Hebrew) Center has been operating successfully, establishing itself as a leading prominent and innovative cultural center, both in Israel and worldwide. NLG serves as a meeting place for Deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals and the general public.

The center is home to the NLG Theater, distinguished from other cultural centers by its deaf-blind actor ensemble, the only one of its kind in the world. In addition, the center operates the "Blackout" dark restaurant, "Kapish" events center and Workshop center, all operated by deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals.

In addition to creating unique employment opportunities, the center provides Deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals with professional training to develop their own talents, skills, and abilities in order to assist them in becoming self-sufficient. The center currently employs dozens of employees with sensory disabilities in the fields of administration, culture, hospitality, and education, setting a leading model for social change in Israel and abroad. In recent years, the number of activities offered by the center has grown significantly thanks to increasing demand with over 850,000 visitors. In addition, management has strengthened the center's business model, becoming 60% financially independent, and expanded the range of workshops to attract new audiences. NLG creates unforgettable cultural experiences, generating inclusion and dialogue between people with disabilities and the general public. NLG believes and promotes values such as Openness, Tolerance, Creativity and Acceptance of differences in others and in ourselves.

The Nalaga'at Theater

The Nalaga'at Theater was established in 2002 by Adina Tal and Eran Gur, to help integrate deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals into mainstream society, using culture as a platform to promote their rights, talents, and aspirations. This marks the uniqueness of the Nalaga'at Theater, being the first theater in the world to integrate deaf-blind actors into the cultural scene.

Workshop center

The Nalagaat Workshop Center was founded upon the belief that dialogue and inclusion between people with disabilities and people without disabilities are created by exposure and direct contact. Hence, all workshops are conducted by our professional deaf-blind staff instructors, tailored towards diverse audiences. Participants have the opportunity to step into the world of deaf and blind individuals and learn by experience how to cope with the many challenges that accompany the latter's in everyday life.

Kapish Event & conference Center

Established in 2007, The Kapish event center hosts a wide range of tailored boutique events, such as conferences, family gatherings, product launchings, seminars, weddings and other events, suited for private and corporate audiences alike. During these events, visitors are encouraged to engage with deaf and hearing-impaired waiters where they find out how easy communicating without words can be.

Blackout Restaurant

The Blackout Restaurant offers an exceptional culinary experience that will trigger your numb senses. One might find that when the eye doesn't engage in the eating process, his ability to taste and smell food sharpens.