Echodrama Cultural Group, Greece

ECHODRAMA Cultural Group is a nonprofit dance and dance theater ensemble founded in 2006 and based in Athens, Greece. ECHODRAMA utilizes the performing arts to attain a range of objectives:

Promoting the cultural integration of young students in multicultural schools – some of them immigrants who do not speak the Greek language, via performances inspired by the cultural heritage of Greece, such as dance-based dramatizations of Greek history, literature and philosophy;

Providing teachers of the performing arts with cultural education on issues of refugee integration, especially the need for familiarizing immigrants with the culture of the host country;

Promoting Greek culture both nationally and internationally through productions of contemporary dance and dance theater combined with other forms of performing arts such as music and digital art;

Developing the abilities of dance teachers, dancers and choreographers in the spheres of contemporary dance and dance theater;

Organizing seminars and workshops on contemporary dance and dance theater.

ECHODRAMA Cultural Group collaborates with renowned dancers, choreographers and dance teachers from Greece and other countries, on two complementary levels: creating unique dance theater productions that convey social messages, and organizing seminars on social issues for dancers, choreographers and other dance theater artists, with a focus on cultural education and integration.